by Foxriver

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Grabado y mezclado por Juan Blas Leal en Westline Studios (Madrid).
Producido por Juan Blas Leal y Foxriver.
Masterizado por Víctor García en Estudios Ultramarinos Costa Brava (Girona).
Artwork por Rubén Ajaú (www.worshipdeath.com).
Recorded and mixed by Juan Blas Leal at Westline Studios (Madrid).
Produced by Juan Blas Leal and Foxriver.
Mastering by Víctor García at Estudios Ultramarinos Costa Brava (Girona).
Artwork by Rubén Ajaú (www.worshipdeath.com).


released March 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Foxriver Valencia, Spain

Alternative Rock from Valencia.

Carlos Sánchez - Vocals / Guitar

Sergio Muñoz - Guitar / Backing Vocals

Juanma Pérez - Bass

Guillermo Ros - Drums / Backing Vocals
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Track Name: Complexes
You can't pretend that you forgot it. I can still see what I did to you.
The time stopped and you were smiling,but you never told me if I smiled too.

If I don't say a word,it's not your fault,surely it will be mine.
Cause I can´t be as perfect as you are.
So help me when I need a place to hide. Don't wanna know how to come back.

You can´t pretend that you forgave me. I left you where we met,and you waited there.
Spit your real thinking. Tell me,How do you feel?.
Raise what you have in hands, I'll take the damage.
I will stand right here,you can destroy everything,for simple masochism.

It's too much weight for us.
It's too much weight for us,let's cross the line.
Track Name: The Same Old Whim
Go. Let's take it slow. This silent road could stay for us forever.
On and on we drive against the sun. I hope you don't forget it.
I'm not saying much to listen up the steps we always follow.
Up,up in the sky it's hard to find a better place to feel alive.

I'll need a sign to join the thoughts I scattered. Fighting doesn´t really matter.
When you open your eyes I'll be coming back.

I will never do this anymore. I have to move where we belong.
The silence cuts my helmet. Be my relief.

You're able to be stronger. Kiss me goodbye.
It's really worth it. Life's every moment that we fall apart.
Be my relief. Water in my lips.
Track Name: Trauma
Clumsy movements. You wear the mask in slow motion.
More than distance. The jump is pure,Have you any option?.
I'm not a friend,the fear stained me with blessed guts.
The mind distracted in the field of war. I'm rising up. I'm lost and found.

Leave us the baggage,we're gonna be brave for a while.
It may be better to wish you well and bleed inside.
There are not many of us when we don't even have arrived.

I am having fun,right when i unleash the dreamer.
Pray for what you've got. We won't owe you any healing.
If I were in your shoes I would think twice,before it hurts.
You will be sorry when you look around,around the dust. It will not last.

Too late. At least the new direction's perfect.
It's not who we're underneath,but what we do that defines us.

Riding the storm quite sober. I am unsafe and loaded. It's a mistake as always.
Track Name: On A Knife Edge
Wait,I've heard enough. The rope is close to break.
Don't look at me as if I were one of them.
I'm coward to face homemade monsters but you should try it.
I should have known who we are before I took your smile.
My voice doesn't work and they don't want to try
to talk about humility. So keep quiet. (Pray for me)

I shouldn't compare,it's not too fair. My choice will never change.
You had everything since the first day.

We've been forgetting things that made us break our lungs to pieces when we were brave.
Although I have nothing to fear,don't make a move from here. It's what they wait for.

One kiss could save us from the edge we're in.
You know what's coming next. I won't deceive you but I'd like to lie.

You have hidden in your mind a bittersweet paradise.
I never though I could crash it with my hands.
My mouth is dry and your eyes are burning. The shock wave caught us before the storm.
The real truth give us peace when we clench the fists.
God cannot help,there's no sympathy.
Make me forget while I'm still breathing,you should be able to do anything you want.

Wait,I've heard enough. The rope is close to break.
Don't look at me,look what they're taking.
Wait,I've heard enough. The rope is close to break.
Don't look at me,look what they're breaking.
Track Name: Forest Of Wolves
Keep your head up,I still believe in a new horizon.
If we don't hear,we'll see it clear. Patience is something that grows alone.

The rest is faith disguised of destiny.
The fog can´t change,the noise and what we make.
I am,the wolf and the energy. They will not take me home.

I don't expect too much from my collapsed lungs.
I will not beg if i'm the first to die.
What should I sacrifice? The molten lead has come and we are alone tonight. Don't follow me.

The rest is faith disguised of destiny.
The fog can´t change,the noise and what we make.
I am,the fear and the enemy. They will not take me home.

I would not change this hate to save me. That's what makes me feel alive

We've got what they can't see. Believe me.

The justice fades away between electric hands,and we can only see from a distance.
Track Name: Not Saying A Word
You've got some poison. We were made for each other,it's a perfect excuse to sin. Sweet pale throat.
I realize I am the man in charge so keep on dreaming,I will care
About the plan.

Your sweat mustn't be ashamed. Turn off all the lights you need.

Say that you never felt this way before. I've got you where I wanted. You're beggin me for more.
Surrender to the fire we've become after the heart attack. And let it flow inside.

Your back's where I begin to believe you're mine. I'm allowed to touch.
I can't control this anymore. Your clothes on the floor,too close.

Say,that you never felt this way before. It's not a matter of time,the sky belongs to us.
Not saying any word.
Track Name: Take It Away
Tomorrow's here forever. Too many things to keep mind clear.
I'm staring at a black screen. The wind awakes me desperately.
Another step in the puddle,in the opposite direction. Set me free.
Tomorrow's here forever. I just want everything,I have no reason to fall asleep.

I'm waiting for your salvation. Some kind of adrenaline
I'm pure,I still believe there is something better.

No strength for revolutions. I'm far from feeling good today.
With bloodshot eyes pretending I belong to this place and I don't want to kill any face.

My chest is floating,take it away. A few miles above the floor and the hell.
This suit will break unless you can pay for bones that fit without an escape.
The spark spoke.

You should be here to calm myself. I can't even taste the glory.
Days are going fast,faster than the light.
I will remain in silence. I'm not really listening,it's time to act like fire.

The spark has shone.

We've got the rest of our lives to learn about the fall,and how to float.
We've got the rest of our lives to learn how not to drown.
Track Name: Some Lights Around
Breathe,it's done. Love couldn't save it but it's not your fault.
They won't blame every word you hardly told´em.
This is not what you had planned. Keep going further.
I'll be waiting in cold blood for a better notice.

Free fall in perfect measure. Look back and see where you came from.
Do you still taste the pressure when you know you are the last one standing?.
I can remember the skyline breaking.

Hope was all we ever had. Now you must face it.
Guilty or not,the weight's enough to make the difference.
Go alone,we'll burn the future that was built for gods.
Before it's too late for me or that you can't take it.
History's not made for cons. Know what you're fighting for.
There must be a brand new home. A new beginning.

Free fall in perfect measure. Look back and see where you came from.
Do you still taste the pressure when you know you are the last one standing?.
Fire in a dusty treasure. You've buried things I can´t control.
Do you still taste the pressure when you know you are the last one standing?.
I can remember the skyline breaking.

On the verge of a blackout. One minute to destroy the gun.
On the verge of a blackout. Let go the pain you hide inside.

A bitter kind of hurt. You can't deny it. It will belong to us.

Breath,it's done. Go alone.
Track Name: Away From Nowhere
I'm not the first one that was mistaken.I needed something to believe in my own way.
Unwrap my wings,I'm going to learn to fly,it's not too late.The gravity can't stop us,we've got time.

I'm stroking what you promised me,there's nothing left behind.It's all in front of your eyes.
Forget about the otherside,the lovers cannot wait. We'll last forever.

Now i don't need the air to breathe,I'm fine,I do it by myself.
They can't imagine how we eat our hearts. They never could.
Here's when we paint the freedom black and white,where anyone could see that we're not made of that kind of wax.

I trust my feet (I'll keep on walking).
Until we live (Away from nowhere).
You should stay with me when this is not a dream.
Track Name: Homeland
Murders shouldn't be rewarded with the pleasure of your pumping.
Here I am,'ve been watching for a while. Cut the seal and look the rawest life.
Some white light to mark where it starts. Freeze the map,there is no way back.
Let's pretend we know how to survive,dressed in white and saving cats at night.

I want to see this hole growing up from the steam.
In this piece of glass we found the same.

The prize is waiting. This ain't just a night,we have crossed the line.
Now they can't change what we have become.
Truth's almost naked. We're already done,deaf out of control.
I'll just give up if you lose your hope.

Another choice would have been ridiculous. You've been sowing,so meticulous.
The best is yet to come,I feel alive. I'm still blinking while you're used to shine.
Can't take my eyes off you. The time is running,you already knew. You have signed the rules.

This way belongs to me.

It will be worth it all,I can't deny it.